Collage/Mixed Media/Assemblage

Recent Collages

Various Sizes



urban cowperson

“Urban Cowperson” for A.I.R. Gallery’s postcard show. Also selected for the Fall 2014 cover of The Pitkin Review




Man and Bird


The Edge of the Maze


Mechanical Arm


Pieces Paper Collage series

11 x 14

2010 – 2011

Isolation Undone, 2011


Sell You the Clouds, 2011

Sell You the Clouds, 2011


From Time Magazine, 2011


Last Separation, 2011


Number 1, 2010


A.D. D., 2010


Hipster Refuge Mixed Media Assemblage


Acrylic Paint, Paper, and Glue on Canvas

All materials (including canvases) were found/salvaged in Williamsburg, Brooklyn-hipster capital of the world

varies sizes



Women mini-series

Paper, Charcoal, and Oil Paint on Canvas Board

3.5 x 5″



Mixed Media Collages

2009 – 2010

Apprehension, 2010


Famed, 2009


CoverUp Paper Collage

Triptych/Mini Series

11 x 14


Untitled, 2008


Progress…?, 2008


The making of a Tree: Brick by Brick, 2008


Paper Collages

Various Sizes


Cosmopolitan, 2007


Fabrics, 2007


Guitar, 2007

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