Distribute this sign everywhere you can to stand with universal gender and racial justice. None of us are free until we are all free (and that includes bodily autonomy!)!!

unnamed (5)

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Excellent Democracy Now! Broadcast

Also, just to be clear, when people are talking about defunding and divestment, it’s an attempt to dismantle the violence that is used by the armed forces and invest in community liaisons, mediators, trained individuals to help people with economic and mental health issues. To invest in schools and art and music and health care and healthy foods and clean water.

Because what makes a life? An embryo? A bank account? In what ways do we define life? Is it special, sacred, magical or does it instead reflect the circumstances of our times and the right one who exists independently, that is outside of a women’s body, with guaranteed, or rather protected, safety from human predators particularly those who carry guns and intimidate with the purpose of carrying out injustice. Disarm, defund and dissolve the police force. Police yourself and invest in racial and gender justice and opportunities for poor communities – not violence, corruption and systematic oppression of black, brown, indigenous, trans, non-binary and disabled folks. Black Lives Matter

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Safety-and-Infiltration-Documents-1 (good resource for activists)

And this (if you’re white and don’t know how to help/educate those around you):*DxXs7K_umbRHlS1kzEln3g

And, among other organizing efforts, get out in the streets, sign petitions, demand justice and listen to black voices/leaders.





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Strike from Home May 1st/May Day!

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about what you are planning for May Day – International Worker’s Day/Strike on May 1st. Are you gonna organize your building for a rent strike? Cook/Prepare/Distribute with Food Not Bombs or liberate vegan/vegetarian food waste yourself from grocery store dumpsters or bakeries, put together some meals (with clean hands and gloves) and drop off/deliver to people who need/want them? Produce/Perform music or artwork. Plant a guerrilla garden? Sew masks for workers in need? Start an online/virtual march or petition? Write to the Wardens of jails for prisoner release during COVID-19 (and forever)?

May Day

These are just a few ideas. There are plenty of revolutionary actions one can do while honoring social/physical distancing and stay-home measures to contain the virus. Wow, all we have to do to stop a virus is limit our physical contact with each other??? That’s not hard (but certainly does suck more for the single people out there) but some alt-right people have been jeopardizing their health AND the health of others by gathering in large groups “to protest for their right to make other’s sick and keep the pandemic going” – that sounds like an article from The Onion or Hard Times but unfortunately, it’s not satire or make-believe.

This group of dangerous ignoramus’ managed to 1) Block an ambulance from getting into a hospital 2) Made a spectacle of science and healthcare providers while making themselves free billboards and mouth pieces for corporate America, dark money and the politicians that have been advocating human sacrifice for capitalism; and purposely denying anyone’s right to health and safety during a pandemic is exactly what fascism is.

Last May Day I was in Brooklyn, New York playing/running a female-dominated punk rock show at Bootleg bar. Now I’m on a farm in Micanopy, Florida, really feeling this global weight of uncertainty in most every aspect of my life; intellect, relationships, and finances – I already went through my van money (sold the Baby Killers Astro tour van for $200) and I’m on my last $12 with no stimulus or unemployment check in sight (and I only have this money from an art commission I received, thanks to a friend). I have access to food and clean water though.

So, more importantly, this fascist regime and its ever-loyal mob of followers, aim to co-opt and “re-open the economy” i.e. forcing people back to work with no protective gear, on a day historically known for worker strikes, against all the advice from the CDC and other health professionals with total disregard for worker’s (and consumers) rights, safety and global responsibility to contain a highly infectious and lethal virus along with logic and commonsense.

May Day is our day! And perhaps this year we will rent strike from home and NOT GO TO WORK and demand that ALL workers and small businesses be compensated for lost wages during COVID-19 and bosses cannot demand their workers return until conditions are safe. Think Osha. Safe working conditions is a right already won!

But what is May Day exactly?

“Not many people know why May Day became a worker holiday and why we should still celebrate it. “It all began over a century ago when the American Federation of Labour adopted an historic resolution which asserted that “eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labour from and after May 1st, 1886” (, which was won through nationwide strikes with more than 400,000 workers on strike in Chicago, the latter becoming part of the historic Haymarket Riots – a multi-day strike that ended with a bomb being thrown in the police lines while a considerably small group of strikers held a meeting. The strikers were blamed but maintained their innocence and five union organizers/anarchists were sentenced to death, three of whom were not even present at the protests.

“Workers at 13,000 businesses across America took a stand against dangerous work and low wages, and for an eight-hour workday. An estimated 300,000 to a half million workers, many of them immigrants, rallied and paraded through city centers in a general strike to demand an end to unsafe factory jobs with high death rates and little pay while corporations raked in booming profits” (

“In the months prior to this date workers in the thousands were drawn into the struggle for the shorter day and an end to unsafe and underpaid work. Skilled and unskilled, black and white, men and women, native and immigrant were all becoming involved” (; thus, it was very important for the “powers that be” damper May Day solidarity, which became an internationally known and celebrated holiday, and giving a new definition to arrival of Spring.

“They also were encouraged by the growing labor movement and populist politics sweeping the nation as immigrants poured into the U.S. looking for a better life and found only backbreaking exploitation in dirty, unsafe factories. Power brokers took notice of the show of force that day and, while it would take decades for workers to have true rights and safety on the job, that first May Day was a milestone for unity and justice for workers everywhere. May Day would become an annual tradition that would lead to an International Workers Day holiday celebrated throughout the world today” (

“In the U.S., that holiday came in for particular contempt during the anti-communist fervor of the early Cold War. In July of 1958, President Eisenhower signed a resolution named May 1 “Loyalty Day” in an attempt to avoid any hint of solidarity with the “workers of the world” on May Day. The resolution declared that it would be “a special day for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States of America and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom” (time magazine).

“We need revolutionary politics. That means politics that can lead us towards a genuine socialism where freedom knows no limit other than not interfering with the freedom of others. A socialism that is based on real democracy – not the present charade where we can choose some of our rulers, but may not choose to do without rulers. A real democracy where everyone effected by a decision will have the opportunity to have their say in making that decision. A democracy of efficiently co-ordinated workplace and community councils. A society where production is to satisfy needs, not to make profits for a privileged few. Anarchism.”

Read more about the Anarchist roots of May Day and download printable leaflets here:


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New Prose Poem

This short piece represents both my structure and theme(s) in my upcoming novel Pretty Girl, Crazy in which I’m beginning to plot and plan, and eventually write.


It was a transcendent moment

the bridge in the distance. The building being torn before us
the virus plague that wrecked havoc enough
for capitalism to be questioned by the masses – always a promising spectacle

Although each time I’ll admit, I hope it’s more than a spectacle and dense enough to form a subservient earth; not bulky or arbitrary and quiet enough to sleep through.


One possible cover idea is this polaroid taken by my friend Chris Crean, featuring her husband Mike Crean modeling one of her bras with yours truly coping a feel




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The Friendly Cunts very first EP is out!

Check out the hardcore art punk debauchery for yourself: The FR13NDLY C#NTS

Listen for free and/or support us with a $5 digital download and listen to it over and over and over again forever. All $ will go to support the printing of our 7 inch record 🙂




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Our new place!!

Eddie Emerson and I are living loft in downtowner Gainesville. Expect LOTS of new art & music from us 🙂IMG_1452


Signed lease:





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Jail Flowers – New Smoke Drawing series (Dec 2019)

As featured in The Narrow and exhibited at The Hardback Cafe and SL8 Gallery in Gainesville, Florida.

76990935_163451804867256_8768286368846577664_o (1)

78890555_163451834867253_8383248653908705280_o (1)

78687681_163451818200588_4006952127774588928_o (1)

This new series depicts the penal system in jungly Gainesville Florida and features stories from women formally incarcerated at Lowell Prison – the largest women’s prison in the country – as published in local Art and Culture magazine The Fine Print.

The drawings are named after the woman whose story I cut up and used in each piece.


*low res phone pics taken at the SL8 Gallery show on 1/26, please excuse the poor quality



Amanda Hunter_smoke drawing

Amanda Hunter*


Cory Carter_smoke drawing

Cory Carter


Crystal Chrisholm_smoke drawing

Crystal Chrisholm


jail flowers_smoke drawing_diadenis

Diadenis Suarez


Jennifer Pinkney_smoke drawing

Jennifer Pinkney*


Kelly Rowland_smoke drawing

Kelly Rowland*


Jail flowers_smoke drawing_Gwen Staples

Gwen Staples


Tracy Golly_smoke drawing

Tracy Golly


Debra Bennett_smoke drawing

Debra Bennett*


Tammy Seely_smoke drawing

Tammy Seely*


Pictures from SL8 Gallery show:






performance by Eddie Emerson



Friend Marvo checking it out


Performance by James Wesson & Steve – Steve’s Mouth Songs

Steve's Mouth Songs


And even though I actually looked gallery appropriate for once (knee-length black skirt and cropped short sleeve black shirt with nice heeled black clogs) and had a good hair day, there aren’t any pictures of me haha. I was too busy drinking wine and taking photos of my friends/artistic collaborators 🙂 So just imagine how awesome and happy I looked in front of these minimalist smoke drawings in this amazing gallery space. Thanks for much to SL8 and Gerard (and Michael Garvin who orchestrated the whole thing) for letting me do this pop-up after the pieces spent two months at The Hardback Cafe. The ones with the asterisks are still for sale! $150 OBO


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Happy Buy Nothing Day!

& if ya really want to buy something, come out THIS Thursday to The Hardback in Gainesville, Florida and pick up one of my original smoke drawings for only with half the money going to the formally incarcerated women at Lowell Prison whose stories I use in each piece. 🙂 Awesome show too – Baby Killers opens at 10pm!



Buy Nothing Day

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New Smoke Drawing Series “Jail Flowers”

New smoke drawing series “Jail Flowers,” my first since 2015! Smoke & Wax on paper with cut-up stories from past and current female inmates at Lowell Prison, just south of Gainesville, featured in the Winter 2019 edition of The Fine Print – an independent arts & culture mag in Gainesville, FL.

“Jail Flowers” is a work-in-progress, and along with completing 9 smoke drawings to match the 9 stories, I’ll also be going over the images with jail-issued pen and deodorant for paint and will use a tampon for a brush – materials often used by prisoners for painting. *sample pictures here are low res&underexposed

Jail flowers_smoke drawing_Gwen Staples

Jail Flowers_smoke drawing_kelly rowland

jail flowers_smoke drawing_debra

jail flowers_smoke drawing_amanda

jail flowers_smoke drawing_jennifer

jail flowers_smoke drawing_diadenis.jpg

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