Happy Buy Nothing Day!

& if ya really want to buy something, come out THIS Thursday to The Hardback in Gainesville, Florida and pick up one of my original smoke drawings for only with half the money going to the formally incarcerated women at Lowell Prison whose stories I use in each piece. 🙂 Awesome show too – Baby Killers opens at 10pm!




Buy Nothing Day

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New Smoke Drawing Series “Jail Flowers”

New smoke drawing series “Jail Flowers,” my first since 2015! Smoke & Wax on paper with cut-up stories from past and current female inmates at Lowell Prison, just south of Gainesville, featured in the Winter 2019 edition of The Fine Print – an independent arts & culture mag in Gainesville, FL.

“Jail Flowers” is a work-in-progress, and along with completing 9 smoke drawings to match the 9 stories, I’ll also be going over the images with jail-issued pen and deodorant for paint and will use a tampon for a brush – materials often used by prisoners for painting. *sample pictures here are low res&underexposed


Jail flowers_smoke drawing_Gwen Staples

Jail Flowers_smoke drawing_kelly rowland

jail flowers_smoke drawing_debra

jail flowers_smoke drawing_amanda

jail flowers_smoke drawing_jennifer

jail flowers_smoke drawing_diadenis.jpg

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Just Released on Baby Killers Bandcamp!

Baby Killers & Eddie Emerson’s BBBAS Tour – LIVE at Fork & Spoon in Panama City, FL


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Hey sorry, it’s been a while…

I got caught up in facebook land. It’s definitely been a helpful bulletin board/show getter but also it’s been soul-sucking and time-consuming. When all is said and done with Baby Killers shows which is happening this month, I’ll be retiring my account for a while while I work on new songs and artwork. In the meantime, here’s the latest Bruise News/Letter. Thanks for reading!

And here’s a cool tree from jungly Gainesville, FL:


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Just a few weeks from now…

sept 5 flyer 10



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A little late posting this…

It was an awesome show!



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Tomorrow night Baby Killers returns to Brooklyn!

new new flyer for muchmore's show


Come say hi!


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