The 24 Hour Black Friday Art Show 2015

This was an exhibit, experiment, and protest which took place on November 27, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving; otherwise known as “Black Friday,” which is the biggest consumer buying day of the year.

This event also marked the end of my six week artist residency at The Rectory in my hometown of Charlestown, New Hampshire. I call this culmination of new works “Recreating Fabricated Memories,” which includes a new smoke drawing series, installations, collage/assemblage, video, drawings, and paintings. I made nearly thirty new pieces and the breadth of these works were inspired by the loss of three paintings that were in my truck when it was stolen in Detroit. Ironically, the truck was later found and many of the books and cds I had in it were still there but most of my clothes, shoes, video/camera equipment, and all three paintings were not. The show took place across the street from my studio, on the bottom floor of The Old Town Hall.

I will write further descriptions and/or post reviews of the show (if i can get anyone to write them) in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, I’m putting up some documentation now so people can have an idea of what this show is/was all about, sooner rather than later, especially because I plan to make this an annual event in different cities and towns.

Below, I’ve attached various low res photo documentation of the temporary gallery I created in the space in addition to low res photo documentation of a few individual pieces. Ideally, I’ll have high res images of all the works featured in the show on this website by early next year.

I should mention that The Rotary, a community club in the town, has covered many of the walls in The Old Town Hall with various medallions and ribbons. I purchased a heavy floor covering I was going to use as a temporary wall, but it didn’t work out as one and instead I used the bulk of the roll as a lamp holder and a piece of it for the “Applied Mathematics” spread. I had also spray painted a small section white, which I ended up using for title cards. I lit the space to emphasize my work and distract from The Rotary’s ribbons, but if you catch these colorful objects neatly arranged behind plexi in the background of some photos, please disregard it as they are not part of the show. However, a few people did find the dichotomy between the two, let’s say, “environments” interesting.

Lastly, I am attaching my general Artist Statement for the show, which was written the night before it and just after I finished crying for an hour. That’s how it goes most of the time for most people, it’s just that most people don’t tell you that.

Thanks for reading and being interested in my work. That is always the biggest reward. Oh, and I should also mention, because I guess it is kind of important, none of the work was for sale during the show for the protest against black friday. However, I did have a bag for donations and raised enough money to cover most expenses….

…NOW, ALL OF THE WORK IS NOW FOR SALE!  BOTH PRINTS AND ORIGINALS! Please send me an email to inquire about prices and availability. I also sell my smoke drawings through Indiewalls, so feel free to check out my stuff there too:

I will have all the works posted here as well as their medium, materials, size, etc. by the end of the year.

kelley final flyer 5 color_postcard size





one side of a big sign advertising the show. I like the other side better, but I don’t have a photo handy of it right now


open for your non-business


overview 6

overview of the right side of temporary gallery


Applied Mathmatics_1,2, and 3

Applied Mathematics 1, 2, and 3


overview 5

overview of left side of temporary gallery, with display boards


overviewofgallery esq boards

Another overview. I found theses theater chairs upstairs and thought they made a nice addition to my temporary gallery


overview 4

Overview of right side of gallery, with lamp and roll in foreground and my new smoke drawing series, “The Digital Age” in the background


new smoke series_3_the digital age

A low res image of my third brand new smoke drawing series “The Digital Age: Homage to NYC/Brooklyn”


east river

“East River”


one corner_79 days and californiaforest fires and the rest of the world's problems

one corner of the gallery with “79 Days” and “California Forest Fires and the Rest of the World’s Problems”



79 days lost in the worlds' biggest desert

low res of “79 Days Drifting in the Largest Desert”



oils on a pillar

close up of oil paintings on second pillar, a little too dark to see them clearly though



old lovers are like a hat fullof nails

installation in front of the first pillar entitled, “Old lovers are like a hat full of nails”



makeshift galleryoverview 2

close up of oil paintings on the other side of the second pillar




low res of “Shipwrecked” before copper sharpie overlay



directions to the space lounge and sign for people to sign

piano and the first position of ‘space lounge sign.’ Participants/viewers were encouraged to sign the sign


space lounge 2_during day

Space Lounge in the daytime 1



space lounge 1_during day

Space lounge in the daytime 2



space including pluto_1

low res of “Planets: Including Pluto 1”


space including pluto_2

low res of “Planets: Including Pluto 2”



overview 3

view of second entry way


the nice outfit I will wear if people come to this show_installation piece

Installation entitled, “The nice outfit I will wear if people come to this show”


looks like the woolf got'em

low res of “Looks Like the Wolf Got ‘Em”



found painting in les and made it into a collage

Found painting on glass, made collage



breakfast spread

Breakfast Spread



Display area


24 Hour Black Friday Show Artist Statement

Special, special thanks to some of my oldest and dearest Charlestown friends for coming out: Cheryl, Jamie, Sarah, Seth, and Laura; Dan’s parents (Dan had to get liquidated and couldn’t make it but did give me and my show the worst plug ever), Cheryl and Sarah’s parents, and Jamie and Seth’s parents (and Laura’s parents-in-law). You guys made my night!

And Cheryl finally sent me the photos she took!










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