Tomorrow! Saturday, June 1st! Come out, it’s FREE!!!!

basementttown studios flyer

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Baby Killers rural US tour schedule (so far):

new fb banner 2

June 5th – June 9th: Last abortion clinic in West Virginia and Alabama – The Nick, Birmingham 6/9

June 10th – June 14th: Georgia

June 15th – June 20th: Florida – The Dining Room, Winter Park 6/18 & The Bark, Tallahassee 6/20

June 21st – June 25th: Mississippi – last abortion clinic

June 26th – July 1st: Louisiana

July 2nd – July 7th: Arkansas

July 8th – July 13th: Kentucky – last abortion clinic

July 14th – July 19th: Missouri – Women’s Health Clinic, the last abortion clinic in the state, St. Louis

July 20th – July 24th: Iowa

July 25th – July 28th: Detroit – Trumbullplex Friday, July 26th

July 29th – August 1st: Ohio

August 3rd NYC, Muchmore’s

More to be announced. Yup, only I would book a tour a week before I depart. But hey, I’m playing at gas stations and rural towns mostly, but will hopefully play a “legit” show in each state too.

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June 1st Show / Arts in Action Bushwick Art Crawl

Hey everyone! I’ll be playing at Basementtown Studios next to 16 Cypress Ave in Bushwick (Jefferson stop) THIS Saturday, June 1st. I think I’m playing at 4pm so come thru! I’ll also be testing out my kiddie drum set, the one I’m taking with me on tour 🙂 Oh, and this is the last show I’m playing before I leave!



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“Official” Tape Release & Rural America Tour Launch May 23rd!

Just a couple weeks away. So excited to play with these awesome people/bands. Georgia will be the first stop on the tour since the six-week abortion just went through – though keep in mind this bill would not go into effect until January and there are many pro-women organizations all over this so we have lots of opportunities to fight this force-breeding patriarchal oppression. (I mean you’re going to threaten women with the death penalty for making our own decisions under the guise of “protecting life”…)

But first, come to the show! Thursday, May 23rd at the poorly named El Cortez in Bushwick Brooklyn – 17 Ingraham St. 7-11pm. $10

el cortez may 23 show FLYER FINAL2


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May Day Punk Show at Thompkins Sq Park!

I totally dropped the ball on posting this before the show (every Sunday before May Day/May 1st – International Worker’s Day) BUT it was an awesome annual anarchist punk show nonetheless! I tabled for the upcoming May Day show I’m producing/playing in at bootleg bar & had the first launch of my tapes on display (although I had my first sale a few days ago:) – sold 7 and I’m super excited about my music/message getting out there. Come out this Wednesday and pick one up yourself!






May Day show flyer


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Come out for this! It’s a major call to stop the pipeline!!


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May Day Show at Bootleg!


May Day is International Worker’s Day! Come out on Wednesday, May 1st for this FREE music show featuring an awesome lineup of seriously sick punk/surf/grunge/eyegaze bands and say fuck you to corporate culture.

Featuring death-defying sets by:

SWEET TEA (surf soul)

HOLY WISDOM LLC (eyegaze/illuminati pop/ghostwave)

CRUEL CHILDREN (scrappy punk rock)

SHADOW MONSTER (sad-grunge)

BABY KILLERS (punk/hardcore/post music one-woman army)


Whether you love your job(s), hate it or anything in between (including those unemployed and underemployed) this day is OUR holiday to say fuck you to shitty bosses, caste systems and capitalistic oppression. Some people strike, some people march, some people make art. This May Day we’ll be celebrating with loud music and cheap drinks.

& the bar is open from 5-4am so you can get shitfaced all night!

See you there!


Thanks to Bobby, Owner of Bootleg, for sponsoring this mayhem. He’s a cool bar owner/boss & punk rocker. And you can thank Kelley Brannon, Felix Gotts and Kriss from United Kava for putting this show together & setting up backline for ya!

flyer by me!

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