The Bruise April 8th

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St. Patrick’s Day is over and Stephen Hawking is dead, so what’s left to celebrate? The Bruise! In just two and a half weeks from now, another stellar lineup of storytellers, writers & poets takes over the little Idlewild stage with literary madness. Featuring: Ariana Lee, David Z. Morris, Kaitlyn Meade and Justin Cordes with musical guest Real Clothes! Here’s more about the performers:

ARIANA LEE is a multidisciplinary artist here in Brooklyn, who hates using the term multidisciplinary artist but is a conflicted human, so here we are. A love of literature and reading early on transpired into a love of wanting to write and share stories. She has a pug that some might revere as a stable genius, he constantly upstages her. She’s currently crafting a web presence, in the meantime catch her in these streets and be sure to say hi.

DAVID Z. MORRIS is a writer based in New York City. By day, he covers technology and business for outlets including Fortune and The Atlantic. By night he crafts dark surrealist fictions, which have appeared in Word Riot, The Opiate, and Metaphorosis. In the distant past, he wrote about music for Signal to Noise, Wag’s Revue, and

KAITLYN MEADE is a comedian, improviser and writer, despite her father’s repeated hints to become a lawyer. She has studied various things at the People’s Improv Theatre and Barrow Group. Her life revolves around obtaining new and exciting bruises and telling stories, so she thinks this is a good sign for the Bodega Bruise Storytelling show.

Our musical guest this month, Real Clothes had to cancel so I invited Rose Daly back, she killed it last month and is working on a lot of new stuff. – check it out!

JUSTIN CORDES is still working on his bio. In his defense, he just joined the lineup – taking the bait to get on stage. Stay tuned!

Hosted by the socially dysfunctional yet totally work competent Kelley Brannon:

About kelleybrannonprojects

From 2012, new 'About' coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this nostalgia from my life five years ago: I am an artist, writer, researcher, filmmaker, photographer, playwright, actor, and director in Ridgewood, Queens. I know that might seem like a lot of things to be so I should say I experiment in a variety of disciplines and mediums; concepts and absurdities. I studied in The Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art. I moved to the area in June 2010 after graduating. CURRENT PROJECTS: Since moving to NYC I've been feeling pulled back to my first loves: writing and theater; and the surreal, emotional, and abstract. I am also very involved with radical politics and I'm particularly interested in blending internal and external structures. I wrote a semi-surreal one act play called "The Rootless: A Play About America" last year which divulged the madness of capitalism and was performed at The Producer's Club with Love Creek Productions. I recently wrote another one act play called "The Thousand Lives of a Nomad" which is a story about the task, escape, and intrigue of continually making new lives in different places. The story is told through the lens of a 33 year-old woman originally from Finland and now residing in Brooklyn. It's staged to be a "live animation" of sorts and, personally I think it's both funny and thoughtful. On-going projects include a constant evolving series of smoke drawings, a documentary about the business behind social media and Facebook; hope of rekindling my love affair with large format photography, and a perpetual mid-life crisis...
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