Baby Killers rural US tour schedule (so far):

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June 5th – June 9th: Last abortion clinic in West Virginia and Alabama – The Nick, Birmingham 6/9

June 10th – June 14th: Georgia

June 15th – June 20th: Florida – The Dining Room, Winter Park 6/18 & The Bark, Tallahassee 6/20

June 21st – June 25th: Mississippi – last abortion clinic

June 26th – July 1st: Louisiana

July 2nd – July 7th: Arkansas

July 8th – July 13th: Kentucky – last abortion clinic

July 14th – July 19th: Missouri – Women’s Health Clinic, the last abortion clinic in the state, St. Louis

July 20th – July 24th: Iowa

July 25th – July 28th: Detroit – Trumbullplex Friday, July 26th

July 29th – August 1st: Ohio

August 3rd NYC, Muchmore’s

More to be announced. Yup, only I would book a tour a week before I depart. But hey, I’m playing at gas stations and rural towns mostly, but will hopefully play a “legit” show in each state too.

About kelleybrannonprojects

From 2012, new 'About' coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this nostalgia from my life five years ago: I am an artist, writer, researcher, filmmaker, photographer, playwright, actor, and director in Ridgewood, Queens. I know that might seem like a lot of things to be so I should say I experiment in a variety of disciplines and mediums; concepts and absurdities. I studied in The Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art. I moved to the area in June 2010 after graduating. CURRENT PROJECTS: Since moving to NYC I've been feeling pulled back to my first loves: writing and theater; and the surreal, emotional, and abstract. I am also very involved with radical politics and I'm particularly interested in blending internal and external structures. I wrote a semi-surreal one act play called "The Rootless: A Play About America" last year which divulged the madness of capitalism and was performed at The Producer's Club with Love Creek Productions. I recently wrote another one act play called "The Thousand Lives of a Nomad" which is a story about the task, escape, and intrigue of continually making new lives in different places. The story is told through the lens of a 33 year-old woman originally from Finland and now residing in Brooklyn. It's staged to be a "live animation" of sorts and, personally I think it's both funny and thoughtful. On-going projects include a constant evolving series of smoke drawings, a documentary about the business behind social media and Facebook; hope of rekindling my love affair with large format photography, and a perpetual mid-life crisis...
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